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The Beech Team is comprised of technical and operational experts with a total of over 130 years of experience in the petroleum industry and a proven track record of excellence in exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties. Founded by the former co-founder of Mark West Energy Partners, Beech is dedicated to being a world-class and highly valuable E&P enterprise in the Marcellus Shale Region. 


Beech Resources was founded by John M. Fox and Charles W. Pollard in August 2016. Both men have managed large oil and gas operations during their careers and felt compelled to pursue an over-pressured, under-saturated acreage position in the heart of the Marcellus play in North Central Pennsylvania. Chuck Pollard officially retired in 2021, but actively serves as a Beech board member and advisor to the company. At present, Beech Resources is engaged in the exploration and development of our properties near Williamsport, Pennsylvania with continued plans to drill development wells on their acreage position through a continuous drilling program.

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